How to Make DIY Polaroid Pictures

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How to make DIY Polaroid Pictures. Free silhouette cut files for DIY Polaroid Pictures. Disney Polaroid pictures

Free Silhouette cut files included!


A few years ago, while scrolling through Pinterest, I got sucked into the whole Polaroid craze (who didn’t). I was just starting college and spending money on a camera wasn’t in the budget, so I decided to make my own. They turned out okay, but the pictures are outdated and I know I can do better. Luckily, Polaroids are still all the rage and I was able to go back and reinvent my Polaroid project using my Silhouette Portrait.




Free Polaroid Cut file. Disney Polaroid Pictures

I recently went to Disney World (yes I’m one of those basic Disney obsessed Floridians) and no matter how many times I’ve been there, I take excessive amount of photos. So, making Disney Polaroids to display was a must for me.

I knew I wanted to make a few different sizes to give myself (and you) options. Exercising my creative muscles, I came up with a small, medium, and large size.  I absolutely love how they turned out! My handwriting is not the most aesthetically pleasing, so the option to add text worked super well for me.

Free Disney Polaroid Pictures. Animal Kingdom Epcot Magic Kingdom


I also love that you can display them, save them, and share them as a gifts. My friend’s birthday is coming up, so taking old embarrassing photos of her and turning them into cute Polaroids is on my list of things to make next. Plus, if you have a Silhouette, it’s an easy DIY that only requires a few additional materials and steps. It’s a perfect beginners Silhouette project!

Free DIY Polaroid Cut Files. Click to download. Disney Polaroid pictures

Silhouette Instructions
Materials needed:
  •       Paper (I like this one for the quality and shine, but any paper will do)
  •       A Printer
  •       Digital Photos that you want to make into Polaroids
  •       Silhouette Machine (Portrait or Cameo
  •       Silhouette program (I have the basic free one)
  •       Cut files which can be downloaded when you sign up for free




1. Download the cut files by signing up using the form above. 


2. Open the files and adjust your settings to show the cut boarder and the the registration marks, if they aren’t already present. You can use all three sizes, or choose which sizes work best for you and just use those.


3. Upload the photos you want to use into your library. Go to File–> Import –> Import to Library


4. Open up your library (File–> Library). Then, click on the inner box of the Polaroid and select the photo you wish to use.


5. You can then click on Fill Pattern in the tool bar (pictured below) and, if you’d like, you can adjust the scale (using the Scale Pattern tool) or framing of the photo (using the Pan Pattern tool). 


6. Delete or add text underneath the picture depending on your preference. 


7. Double check to make sure you can see your registration marks and send to printer.


8. Verify that the outside boxes are the only things with cut lines and send to silhouette to cut. The cut settings will vary based on the paper you’re using, but the settings I used are indicated below. I would suggest using the Double Cut feature to make sure the Polaroids are cut out nicely. 


9. Enjoy your Polaroids and display them to the world!


Comment below and email me ( with your experiences on the project. I would love to hear (and see) how it worked out for you!


  1. HVLF | 25th Mar 19


    • Sydney Taylor | 25th Mar 19

      Thank you!

  2. Jenny | 26th Mar 19

    I love this. Didn’t even know I needed such a thing. But it is a must. How fun. Great post.

    • Sydney Taylor | 27th Mar 19

      Hi Jenny! You’re so sweet. Thank you so much!

  3. Kat | 27th Mar 19

    These look great! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sydney Taylor | 27th Mar 19

      Hi Kat! Thank you! I’m glad you like them.

  4. Zara | 27th Mar 19

    This is literally so easy and simple I love it! I also enjoyed how quick it was and how you linked all the websites and product. Thanks so much for posting this, actual polaroids can get so expensive with all that film!

    • Sydney Taylor | 27th Mar 19

      Hi Zara! Thank you for such a sweet message! I would love a Polaroid camera but I just can’t seem to commit to buying one. I’m glad you like them!

  5. Erin | 29th Mar 19

    Looks great and very cool idea! I love how detailed everything is. I also like how clean your site looks!

    • Sydney Taylor | 29th Mar 19

      Hi Erin! Thank you 🙂

  6. Jenn Summers | 29th Mar 19

    Too cute, now I think I need to build a display to hold these polaroids! These were such a favourite when I was a kid. Clever idea using the silhouette.

    • Sydney Taylor | 29th Mar 19

      Hi Jenn! Thank you, you’re always so sweet. If you build a display you’ll have to share!

  7. Jaimi | 29th Mar 19

    Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Do you make your own SVG file? I have a Cricut Maker and would love to know how to make SVG files if you ever do a tutorial…let me know! 🤗

    • Sydney Taylor | 29th Mar 19

      Hi Jaimi, thank you! I make my own free designs and upload them, or design them on my silhouette program. I actually have a post drafted up that I will be sharing soon!

  8. Kippi | 3rd Apr 19

    This is a cool idea…It is a first for me. Thank you for sharing. Happy Spring, Kippi #kippiathome

    • Sydney Taylor | 3rd Apr 19

      Thank you for reading!

  9. Trina | 9th Apr 19

    Great ideas & files. That’s such a cute idea….or you can roll total old school and pull out what ya have saved!

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