How to Make a Vertical Calendar on Canva

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how to make a vertical calendar on Canva free planner printables

Free Printables Included!

Hi! I’m Sydney from The Optimistic Amateur and, given that this is my first blog post (bear with me), I set out to tackle an easy DIY project, learn something new, and create something I could share.

Last year, I purchased a clipboard with monthly calendar pages from the Target Dollar Spot (aka my happy place). Instead of fueling my Target addiction, and purchasing a new calendar, I decided to be responsible and make my own free printable pages. Plus, I’m only two months late to making it (oops).

I chose to use Canva, which I had minimal experience with, and while it wasn’t difficult, it still took me a bit of time to create something I loved. Instead of just sharing what I made, I wanted to share what I learned while making these vertical calendar pages. (If you don’t care, directions on how to download my printable are linked at the end of this page.)


2019 free calendar printables

How to Make a Vertical Calendar

The first issue I ran into was that when I searched “Calendar” on the template search, the only designs that came up were horizontal calendars. I needed a vertical 8 ½” by 11” calendar. So, I googled the px convertion and found that 2550px by 3300px is the size needed for printer paper. From there, I was able to figure everything else out easily.


Go to Canvas website and sign in. On the home page click where it says “Custom Dimensions”, type in 2550px by 3300px, and then press “Create new design”.

how to change dimensions on canva for letter paper


Click on “Templates” in the left side bar and search “calendar”. At the time that I made this post, there were only 5 results that showed up. I chose this one, but you can choose a different one, or start adding in text and boxes (through searching in “Elements”).

seraching calendar templates on canva



Edit! For you, this may be as simple as selecting the elements and changing the colors. I decided to completely change the look of mine since I was going for a more minimalist design.

Editing a canva template


What I changed:

(Hint: A lot)

To start, I deleted the flower elements, the notes title, the notes box, the numbers, and “personal planner”. Then, I changed the background color to white, the bottom bar to black, and the letters to black.

I deleted all but one box, then changed its dimensions (to 325 by 450) by zooming in and adjusting the sides. I added a number and aligned it to go in the top right hand corner of the box. I selected both elements and then centered them above the bottom bar.

editing a canva template calendar


From there, I coped the elements and worked my way out, adding one box at a time. Afterwards, I copied the bottom bar and used it to place behind day headings (which I centered to each column).

Editing a canva calendar template

Lastly, I added the titles, changed the box colors, and fixed the dates for each box.

To create a new month you can click “Copy Page” (located on the top bar) and edit what you need.

Adding multiple pages on canva


My Element Dimensions:

  • Month title: Bentham; 280 pt.; Black
  • Day Labels: Glacial Indifference; 44 pt.; White
  • Date Labels: Glacial Indifference; 29 pt.; Black; Grey (#a6a6a6)
  • Boxes: 325 by 450; Grey (#d9d9d9)

***Bonus tip! If you’re making a DIY A5 planner printables, change the px dimensions to 1748px by 2480px and be sure to add a margin so you can hole punch it. Print your design on A5 paper and change your print settings to reflect that.


Free 2019 Calendar Printables

Free 2019 calendar download




Sign up using the form above and then click on the link to receive your freebie!

To print I’d suggest this paper, which is what I use for all of my planner printable projects. (This is the Amazon affiliate link which allows me to earn from qualifying purchases. I have purchased and used this product.)

*Note that printers and different digital screens may distort the colors and print slightly different to what you see. Also note that hole punching the paper may cut off come design elements.


I hope my first post was bearable and you are now enjoying some new free 2019 calendars! I absolutely love the look of a minimalist calendar and I’m super proud of the end result. It’s perfect for my clipboard, but it also would be great to add to a binder or planner!

If you decided to design your own calendar or planner printable using Canva, I would love to hear and see how they worked out for you! If I can do it, you can too!

You can contact me through email, on Pinterest, and by commenting below!


  1. Amy | 6th Mar 19

    I’ve used canva for ages and had no idea you could even do this. Thanks for the tip!

    • theoptimisticamateur | 6th Mar 19

      Hi Amy! You’re welcome. I’m glad you’ve found it useful!

  2. Cindy | 11th Mar 19

    Excellent first post! And great easy to read directions for creating a calendar in Canva!

    • theoptimisticamateur | 18th Mar 19

      Hi Cindy! You’re so sweet. Thank you!

  3. Megan Kling | 29th Mar 19

    I have never even heard of Cavana. This could be super useful for my photo yearbooks! Thanks!

    • Sydney Taylor | 3rd Apr 19

      Hi Megan! That’s an awesome idea!

    • Sydney Taylor | 3rd Apr 19

      Hi Megan! That’s an awesome idea! Canva is a great free tool to use!

  4. Talia | 3rd Apr 19

    Do you made this super easy to understand!I am a visual learner so I definitely needed all the pictures!

    • Sydney Taylor | 3rd Apr 19

      Hi Talia! I’m right there with you. I have to see it before I can do it. Thanks for replying!

  5. Jenn Summers | 3rd Apr 19

    I’m going to give this a try this week. Life gets so busy and having a custom calendar is an awesome idea!

  6. Trina | 3rd Apr 19

    Looks like you beat me on my first one by a LONG shot. It still doesn’t have any views or comments I don’t think! Good job!

  7. Kippi | 3rd Apr 19

    I had no idea you could do this in Canva. Thank you so much for sharing. Pinning it. Happy spring, Kippi

  8. Kerri | 9th Apr 19

    Great post! I need all the help I can get to stay organized!

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